The RAGOM homepage.  Featured story contains a full-width image with dynamic type overlay. Up to 3 additional news stories may be featured below, including ability to feature a new or special dog. Below is a listing of upcoming events. Emergency numbers are featured at the top of the homepage as well as in the footer of this and all additional pages.
Volunteer page. This page shows highlights the various ways that users are able to support RAGOM's operation. These categories may be easily added or removed depending upon need. Specific positions may be highlighted below.
This is a content page.  The left column has room for actionable content, such as specific position openings. additional navigation may also appear in this column. Content in the right column wraps to the bottom in mobile.
Our dogs page. Moderators have the option to tag a dog bio as a featured dog. Users are able to filter results, search for a dog by name or see previously viewed dogs.

Dog Bio Page.  Important information such as adoption status, bio, and special needs information are located at the top of the page. Special meet and greet info is able to be displayed.  Dog updates are able to be hid and shown, sorted and may incorporate photos. Ability to sponsor and display sponsors in the right column.

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