Walker Art Center mini golf hole.  Target sponsored the last hole for the first year artist-designed Walker mini-golf in the sculpture garden. We incorporated the Bullseye dog, and his doghouse and water dish as obstacles in a fun Mini golf hole.  The marker for the hole was a check out lane light.
Concepts for Deliver the Shiver – a pop-up shop experience in NYC.  Air conditioners were sold out of the back of trucks on empty lots in NYC. Each air conditioner came on a custom red two wheeled cart for easy transport home.
I created a number of designs to wrap a fleet of 8 Smart cars for use in parades and neighborhood events (such as national night out) across the country.  Rather than choosing one design for all 8 cars, Target opted to use several of the dozen or so designs that I created.  
Target Branded Segway. Built for visibility at parades and events.  We disassembled the entire Segway so that we could paint it red and add bullseyes.  We added mirrors, custom chrome billet wheels a license plate, streamers and even a bell.
Bullseye Balloon Trading card.  Target's hot air balloon travels the country and these cards are handed out to spectators and volunteers alike.
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