Designed as responsive was becoming possible, the site was built on a 960 grid and interactions were selected to make the Sophia site work well on a tablet. 
Sophia Learning’s homepage was redesigned to clearly route different site users to the content that were seeking and offer visibility to accolades, partners and special programs.
This sitemap shows how users can navigate the marketing pages to learn about all that Sophia has to offer. Creation of these pages doubled our sign up rates -  even our besting our Bill Nye lecture and promotions. 
Sophia Score Explanation page. Shows how site participation is scored. 
Sophia for College Credit Marketing Page. A hard working page explaining the program, showing course offerings, benefits and quotes from students who have actually taken the course. 
Note: Sophia achieved ACE accreditation for our first five online courses for college credit - a groundbreaking achievement for an online educator.
College Algebra Course Dashboard.  Courses are comprised of 5 proficiencies each with 3 10 question Challenges followed by a 25 question timed Milestone. Students practice with the challenges and may engage a number of related tutorials to learn the coursework. Students are allowed to try a number of challenges prior to actually purchasing the class for credit.
College Algebra Course Dashboard. ID Verification Milestone. Students must pass a final Proctored exam to prove that they completed and understand the coursework.
Example of a the Sophia College Algebra Challenge interface and questions.
Proposal for study guide reskinning.
Sophia College Algebra Report Page. Shows overview of all scores and how students percentages are tabulated.
Marketing Page for Students. Explains benefits of Sophia, Allows students who are directed here by a teacher easily enter their class code and sign up.  Also allows for user to search categories for tutorials.
Additional Illustrated icons for the website.
Share with a friend page. A fun way to spread the word. Send a postcard.
Marketing page for Teachers - explains our offering of classroom and professional development tools. This page instantly doubled the number of teachers signing up for accounts as they were finally able to clearly understand how Sophia could work for them.
Sophia Pathway Page
A confirmation page showing the Crest for our Classroom Tablet Certification Program.
Sophia Tutorial page - Teachers are able to create their own tutorials consisting of copy, photos and videos as well as creating practice quizzes. Teachers are able to rate each others tutorials as academically sound and offer critiques.  
Logged in Homepage for a student.
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